My Journey to Nutrition

Hello, I’m Aimee Shelton, Nutritionist at Emergence Functional Nutrition and located on the Texas Gulf Coast. I partner with medical practitioners providing after-care education, support & accountability needed to enable clients to achieve optimal health outcomes.  I work independently with groups & individuals, helping each client understand his/her body and empowering each to emerge into thriving health!

As a child, I was the one with 1,001 “why” questions. The need to understand how things work and are interconnected drove me to read books, take extra classes and develop new hobbies – just so I could have the knowledge and skills to master my world.

Aimee Shelton, Functional Nutritionist. Ready to help you achieve wellness goals.

They say that knowledge is power, but the reality is this: You can have a vast store of knowledge, but if you don’t know what to do with it – or do nothing with it, that knowledge is completely ineffective.

That’s why I decided to become a teacher. I envisioned my students truly mastering the materials taught – having a broad knowledge base and knowing how to apply that knowledge in their day-to-day lives. I wanted to help equip them with the skills and understanding to overcome whatever obstacle they faced.

Then life happened, and I never got to teach in a classroom. However, life and job experience taught me to develop curiosity, analyze problems from different perspectives and work with groups to educate and ensure success.

Today, I am a Functional Nutritionist. Whether working with another medical practitioner or on an individual basis, I teach clients about what’s going on in their bodies so they can better understand the necessary steps needed to achieve realistic health goals.
Knowledge is only powerful if you know what to do with it; so together we work to establish key health fundamentals through diet and lifestyle modifications. This leads to clients who develop a sense of what is best for their individual biology and who are empowered to achieve optimal health.

“Everything is connected. We are all unique. All things matter”

– Andrea Nakayama 

It’s only human to ask “why?”
“Why am I always so tired?”
“Why can’t I lose weight?”
“Why can’t I recover from this illness?”
The list can be endless. Yet in all of us, there is a Big Why – “Why do I want these signs and symptoms to go away?”
Some answers could be:
“So that I can swim in the ocean with my grandkids.”
“In order to go hiking with my partner.”
“I want to coach soccer again.”
“To be able to work a full-time job.”

Have you discovered your Big Why? Are you unsure how you can get there? Do you need support and accountability?
I’d love to be the person to help you identify and achieve your optimal health!

Are you ready to Emerge Into Optimal Health?


Graduate of Full Body Systems, a comprehensive functional nutrition immersion focusing on the interaction of nutrition’s molecular chemistry with the body’s cellular functions. Current scholarship student with Health Coach University

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